Jan Taketa inspires us with reminding us about the idea of "kokua".  Kokua shows at the Kahauiki project.  Kokua for Senator John McCain.  Kokua in Jan's neighborhood as they prepped neighbors for hurricane Lane.  Kokua at RYSE who took in an extra 20 kids before the storm hit.  The kids were sleeping in bushes.    Kokua is what superheroes do.
Does surfing actually help?  Connie Sizemore from Surfrider Spirit Sessions showed us how surf lessons save people's lives.  It brings people from the brink of suicide.  Removes the binds of autism.  It teaches resilience, and the habit to get back up after a wipeout.....Grit.         All prerequisites necessary for superhero training.   Thanks for sharing with us, Connie!   www.surfspirit.org