George Moyer gives an amazing inspiration... where are our Heroes?  Clara Daily w/ sign-language to chat with a blind/deaf man on a plane.   The divers who saved the Thai soccer team from flooded caves -esp. the one who gave his life,  and the 72 medal of Honor recipients,  men who believed the task was too important to leave to others.  Kindness is  doing something for someone else not because they can't - but because you CAN.... This is Rotary.
  Mary Benson gets her own gavel.   
Jan Taketa presents an UNSUNG HERO award to Deborah Smith from YO! House.   
Dean Sakamoto presents and UNSUNG HERO award to Terry Bateman from the Waikiki Yacht Club.  Terry couldn't make the meeting, but sent us his own video!
Linda Santos from the Honolulu Zoo graces us with a very interesting talk about what's new at the zoo!  Last plans before our blind students from Japan arrive for camping.