Feb 22, 2021
Margit Watts, PhD.
"How Social Media Impacts Our Lives"

Margit Misangyi Watts earned her undergraduate degree and teaching certificate from the University of Michigan and received her Master’s in Social Work and PhD in American Studies from the University of Hawaii.


She is the author of two books -- High Tea at Halekulani, a study of feminism, and a textbook titled College:  We Make the Road By Walking. As a scholar she has also contributed to the discourse on the impact of technology on teaching and learning, is the editor of a volume on distance learning, written several articles on the complexity of new technologies in the educational arena, and has published extensively on information literacy. 


    She taught at UHM for over 32 years and for over 15 of those years she was the Director of two programs for freshman, Freshman Seminars and Rainbow Advantage.


    Although retired from UHM in 2016, Margit continues to teach for the University. Her course is about social media and the impact it has on individuals and the wider community.